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Our company, which was established in 2013 as a continuation of Optronik Ltd., which has been serving the Turkish Astronomy Community since 1994, is working diligently to raise the flag it received from Optronik company to higher levels.

Our company, which supplies optical systems for sky enthusiasts, nature watchers and hunters throughout Turkey, continues its customer-oriented work with the support of world giant manufacturers.

We offer delivery and training services, which are rare in Turkey, with our graduate Astronomers and our qualified technical team working within our company.

We also support the reduction of our country's dependence on foreign sources by providing equipment that can direct the R&D studies of universities and research institutions.

If you have any Observatory or Planetarium projects that you plan to establish in your University, School or Science Center, you can contact us immediately.

You can be sure that you can manage the process from the planning of the technical needs of your project to the installation and use of your project in the most appropriate way with us.

Astromed Ltd. Sti.